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Business Success Story: Gladys A young mum grows her business with WINGI

Business Success Story: Gladys A young mum grows her business with WINGI

My name is Gladys, an entrepreneur. I own the Pearl series, an online store, which has been running for over a year. I used to have a full-time job which was stressful and tiresome. I felt overworked and decided to quit. I stayed at home and after having my baby I decided to start an online shop selling kid's accessories and household items.

I could buy products from local wholesalers which were tedious. Commuting from Rongai to CBD with a small baby was not easy at all. I could walk to different wholesale shops taking pictures and share them with my customer as I wait for orders. Sometimes products would run out of stock from the wholesale shops and I ended up disappointing my customers.

I was actively looking for a reliable supplier - that is when I found WINGI on TikTok. I checked them on IG as well to verify their existence and made my first order. From my first purchase from WINGI there has been a very big difference, the products were very unique and hot-selling compared to the local market. My profit margin doubled from the previous sales.

As a new mom to a toddler, WINGI has come in handy as I can easily make orders from the comfort of my home and get fast delivery. I can also easily market products to my contacts using Sell Now, Buy Later without much hassle.

I look forward to being a supplier and starting to source internationally and set up a physical shop. With WINGI the growth has been real. I can now advertise on Facebook Marketplace, Jiji, and IG, and fulfill my client orders easily. 

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