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Entrepreneur Sylvia grows her online handbag business with WINGI

Entrepreneur Sylvia grows her online handbag business with WINGI

My name is Sylvia, an entrepreneur. I own Just Bag, an online store, which has been running for 4 years now. As a fan of fashion, I made the decision to establish a side business selling handbags. My target customers were my fellow students since I noticed that many young women on campus had trouble finding quality, affordable purses.

I started by purchasing my handbags in Eastleigh. I later began importing directly from China. However, finding a trustworthy supplier was difficult, and communication was another major issue.

I contacted WINGI after seeing them on Instagram to learn more. I went to their customer experience hub in CBD to see the quality of their goods and to confirm their existence.

From the moment I placed my first order, everything has been smooth. There is good communication, the app is simple to use (Prompt), and they have reliable riders. 

Since I started using WINGI, I have had higher margins than I did previously, and I have also been able to provide my customers with high-quality, reasonably priced handbags, which was my goal.

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