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WINGI Open Day

WINGI Open Day

On Wednesday the 9th of February 2021, WINGI organized a community open day event to welcome business owners to interact with the team and check product samples. We had been organizing the WINGI open day community event for the past two weeks. The team could not hide their excitement. We wore big smiles and company t-shirts, while eagerly waited for the arrival of our guests. I dare to say we looked lovely, our spirits were very high.

Guests arrived on a rolling basis between 10am-3pm. Some 20 business owners and aspiring start up entrepreneurs gradually arrived. We warmly welcomed them by giving them some refreshments.  We took guests through our website. We also addressed their questions and concerns and helped guests to understand more about WINGI services and products.  The business owners were very happy to see the uniqueness and great quality of the samples that were presented to them. Every guest was given free samples that they could use to show their clients.They were also excited to see that some of the products were actually available at the Nairobi warehouse, and they could get them between 1-3 days. 

Caro, one of the wholesalers in Nairobi, RNG Plaza said, ‘‘Kuanzia leo nimepata njia ya Kuomoka,’’ meaning, today marks the beginning of prosperity in my business as well as attainment of financial freedom. Caro was happy to find an alternative affordable and reliable sourcing partner. 

The WINGI team also spent time with guests to understand more about their pain points in regard to online shopping and sourcing. Their insights will be adopted to improve the future undertakings of the company. The WINGI team is very passionate in ensuring that Kenyan small businesses grow by meeting all their customer expectations and will continue to host more community events. Stay tuned!

Author: Eunice Wairimu (BD Intern)


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