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Coral Fleece Double-Sided Absorbent Wipes

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SKU YWBXHLKTAC006-Pink-a-25*25cm

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Product category: dishwashing towel
Applicable object: pot / bowl
Pattern: solid



1. Color difference problem: all products are shot in kind, try to make the color look close to the real object, please be careful for customers who can't tolerate any color difference! In order to avoid unnecessary waste of money and time.

2. Size problem: please read the product description in detail or communicate with us before purchasing again. Please indicate the color and size of the product you want when you buy, otherwise we will deliver the goods according to the title by default.

3. Express problem: because of different cities, express delivery speed is also different. Especially in bad weather and legal holidays, there will be delays. In addition, the quality of the salesmen in each branch of the express company is also different. In the middle, there may be some unexpected factors, such as the bad attitude of the salesmen in individual branch or package damage, which the seller can't predict. In short, please contact us if you have any unhappiness, we will actively communicate with the express company to solve it.

4. Loss of goods: generally, the loss of goods is caused by the damage of the package. If the package tape is found to be replaced, damaged or torn, broken, with the mark of unsealing, please do not sign for it. If the package is received without verification, it is difficult for us to bear the responsibility for the loss, shortage of goods or accidents caused by transportation. I hope you can understand. If it is a security guard or agent, please let us know in advance