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What Our Customers Say

bag it

"Since I started using WINGI, I have had higher margins than I did previously, and I have also been able to provide my customers with high-quality, reasonably priced handbags, which was my goal."

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Sylvia, Owner of Just Bag

"I learned that importing things should not be as complicated and expensive as you think. So I would recommend WINGI to anyone who wants to import things. "

Watch her experience:

Stellah, Owner of Pilipili Packers Limited

Sourcing with WINGI has been an amazing process for me. The products on their site are very unique which gives my business a competitive advantage. Shipping in goods can be quite expensive and so sourcing from WINGI has helped keep shipping costs at bay and the best part is that I can pay in installments.

Diana, Owner of Maeve’s Bags

"They are good quality products, they are different, now I have a competitive advantage over other businesses."

Ivy, Owner of Gold Rate Interior

Hannah was "wow"ed with her jewellery order. Watch her pick up and unpacking experience

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